Tube production

Elit Inox Tubes

Tube production

Elit Inox d.o.o - TUBE plant

produces top quality stainless steel tubes. More then 30 years long experience of work with stainless steel in production of water heaters and pressure vessels, resulted with start of a plant for production of top quality tubes in 2008.

Our customers recognize us

by top quality products, excellent service and permanent customer support to reach customers full satisfaction. Elit Inox d.o.o owns state-of-the-art equipment for stainless steel TIG welded tubes production.

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Our tube manufacturing process begins

with cold/hot rolled strip of stainless steel on a reel, provided from the verified suppliers, entering the process of in-line forming, then welding, bright annealing (optionally), washing out, calibrating, marking, cutting to the size and chamfering or deburring.
The tubes are manufactured in bright-annealed or un-annealed form, with or without weld smoothing i.e bead rolling, according to with your requirements and demands of your application.

Along with the extension of the production range

the company permanently works on the improvement of quality aiming to meet customers’ full satisfaction and expectation. Our compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards, as well as implementation of IATF 16949 for the automotive industry, represents the guarantee for the required quality. In order to provide and maintain top quality of final products, procurement of raw material is made exclusively from renowned and verified mills who strictly define chemical compositions, dimensional tolerances, physical features and finishing, ensuring certified quality.
EN 10204, AD 2000 W0 / 3.1

(TIG) Tungsten inert gas welding

TIG TIG welding is completely automated and performed on state-of-the-art-equipment in argon-protected atmosphere.
Starting with a flat strip on a roll, after forming the tube reaches “WELDING BOX” in which welding happens without added material and the strip is precisely and firmly shaped into the tube.
Top quality tube welding is guaranteed (EN ISO 9692-1).


BRIGHT ANNEALING Heat treatment of the tubes is performed on an automated annealing line in protected atmosphere (N+H2 5-7%).
Annealing evens out and harmonizes the microstructure of the tube, the hardness of the material is reduced, and delta ferrite eliminated. Predefined performances of the material and required microstructures are obtained at annealing temperatures of 1020-1080°C
Protected atmosphere enables the tubes to maintain their high shine and prevents oxidation of outer surface.
Annealing parameters are incompliance with A 249/A 249M-08 standard


COLD BEAD ROLLING Special attention is paid to the treatment of weld seams on both outer and inner sides of the tube.
Bead rolling is a special cold treatment of the tube welded area by which the weld seam is removed from inside as well as from the outside of the tube thus no additional brushing is needed.
The rollers form the outside press the tube to mandrel and then roll across the tube. COLD BEAD ROLLING
With synchronized work in a continuous line we achieve production of tubes with no interruption.
As a result of this treatment weld seam is smoothed providing top quality tube, ready for further processing and application in heat exchangers, sanitary tubes, food, pharmaceutical and automotive industry. EN 10217-7 W2Rb


FINAL CALIBRATION One of the distinguishing features of Elit Inox tubes is accuracy.
Final calibration and straightening of tubes guarantee the compliance with all EN and ASTM norms.


MARKING Marking of the tubes guarantees perfect material traceability required by EN 10217-7.


CUTING Cutting of the tube is automated and integrated into the line. "Flying Saw" is a module that is built by our own engineers and craftsmen. Standard in-line cutting lengths range from 2 - 13,1m


Packing is entirely adjusted to customer requirements. Standard packing can be hexagonal bundles and wooden boxes, with sizes adjusted to customer needs. PACKING


TOOLING As a part of tubes production plant, tools manufacturing is entirely under control in Elit Inox d.o.o. Rollers and other tools necessary for production are manufactured in our tooling on CNC machines with support of Solid Works and Solidcam designing and programming software.